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Thanks for your interest in getting tattooed
by one of
our amazing artists.

Please have a good read of this information page

BEFORE requesting a booking. 


Booking Process: 
  • At this current time we are only taking Bookings and now have space for Walk-ins.

  • Email us as the first point of contact with all the information that's asked of you to make it a faster, easier booking (refer to contact page) Please don't message the artists they either wont reply or will direct you here any way this may mean you miss out on a booking or it takes longer to get one. 

  • Brenda our very efficient Studio Manager will be in contact with you ASAP. Please understand we all have families and time away from work - we will endeavor to contact you within 2 working days - sending multiple emails wont make the booking process any faster. 

  • Brenda will either ask for more info or if you have given her what she needs, she will recommend an artist who will suit your style. Please understand that each artist has their jam and interests and they want to also be doing pieces that are going to push their artistic talent as well as interest them.
    Please don't be offended if the artist you want is either booked in advance or doesn't want to take on your art piece.


  • We may ask you to come in for consultation especially if its a cover up, tattooing over scars or working around another tattoo. Please note these consultations are $50 and are normally done at 9:45am. We do not take on every cover up and its at the artists discretion, we generally ask you to get laser treatments before we will cover it up.
    Not every tattoo needs a consultation. 90% are booked via a good description and references.
    The artists do not have time to consult on every tattoo it would leave no time for actual tattooing. 


  • You will then be given dates/times of when your recommended artist is next available.

  • Once you have confirmed a date and time you will be penciled in pending a deposit, you will have 3 days to pay the deposit otherwise your appointment slot will be opened to the next in line.

  • Once your deposit has been paid you will receive a confirmation email with all the info you need for your appointment.

  • We DO NOT tattoo anyone under 16 and anyone who is 17 requires parental consent via our written tattoo release form in studio.

  • We DO NOT tattoo anyone who is Pregnant or Breastfeeding. 

  • If you are sunburnt we can not tattoo you either. 

  • If you are sick you will need to reschedule your appointment 

  • Don't be afraid to ask questions


Prices /Quotes:
  • We charge by the hour not by the design - unless stated eg Flash tattoos or pre-priced pieces.

  • We don't give full quotes as each piece is custom designed for you and so many factors can influence how long a piece can take ie artists speed, final design, area being tattooed, skin, colour vs black and grey, how well you sit etc. 

  • Norton Hollows charges $200/hour and his day rate is $1300 
    However any work over 6.5 hours will be at $250/hour.
    Norton works Monday, Thursday and Friday - Booking 2-3 months in advance. 

  • Daniel Kirstein charges $180/hour and day rate of $1200
    Dan works Tuesday - Saturday with Saturdays booking months in advance. 


  • Tynan Hollows currently charges $100 per piece however a full day of $200 and works Tuesday - Saturday.

  • Payment via cash is due in full at the end of each session - We have a cash machine just outside or you can transfer via internet banking. 

  • We DO NOT offer Credit/Eftpos, afterpay or Inkpay. 


Appointment Info:
  • If you are booked in for a full day you are booked from 10am a full day is roughly 6 hours.  

  • If you are booked for a certain time you will be told in your confirmation email.  

  • Please don't be late or this could affect the amount of time the artist has to do your tattoo and may lead to it not being finished in the allocated time and you having to return at a later date at your expense. 

  • Please shower before your appointment - we work in close proximity to you.

  • Wear comfortable and suitable clothing for the area being tattooed 
    - Legs - Either shorts or clean undies - we need to get to the area and not have clothing restrict and make it harder to reach.
    - Arms/sleeve - singlet or tank top. 
    - Females getting chest/sternum/ribs done we recommend a bikini or boob tube.
    - Back pieces -Males be prepared to be topless -Females a button up shirt on backwards is really helpful for both you and the artist. 

  • We recommend you be well rested and have a good meal before your appointment - bring snacks etc if you like - sugar is encouraged. We are located in a block of shops with a café, bakery, dairy and supermarket all in walking distance.

  • Bring a book, something to listen to anything that will help relax you - we always have a movie going, music banging and good banter flying. 

Deposit, Cancellation or Rescheduling
  • We require a deposit to lock in any booking - No Deposit = No Booking. 

  • Your deposit is Non Refundable.

  • Our cancellation/Reschedule policy is we require 72 hours notice from your booking time.
    If you give less than 72 hours notice you forfeit your deposit and you will require another deposit to rebook. You can reschedule your appointment once, if you need to reschedule more than once we will require a new deposit. 


  • The deposit amount will vary depending on your appointment length. 

  • If your booking is a full day sitting should you "tap out"/cant take any more, you will be charged 60% of the artists full day rate. 


Design Process 
  • Once your appointment is locked in, your design gets put in to the booking.

  • Our artists vary how they work design wise so if you choose to change your design close to the booking you may be charged a redesign fee. 

  • We DO NOT send out designs prior to the booking, you will view this at the booking for a number of factors. The artist quite often is working on your design the night before or even the morning of the appointment so its fresh in their mind. Its also easier to make changes in person than via email, we allow time at your appointment to make minor changes 


  • We offer Afterart as our aftercare balm and also Second skin.

  • You will be given aftercare advice by your artist on completion of your tattoo - however we understand it can be a lot of information especially after a long day.

  • The main advice KEEP IT CLEAN - Treat it like an open wound and don't over cream. 

  • We will either gladwrap or second skin your new ink. This is to protect it once you walk out of the studio.


  • We recommend to go home and that night remove the gladwrap and wash your new ink.
    Wash with a clean disposable cloth - baby wipes are good using either hand soap, body wash or in the shower with a clean hand/wipe.

    Once clean allow to airdry for 10-15 mins or using clean paper towels dab your new ink dry. 
    Rewrap with gladwrap to keep it covered while you sleep. Clean sheets are always recommended as well.
    In the morning repeat above clean and cover especially if you are working in a high risk environment or are around pets/kids etc.
    On the second night clean your ink and allow to dry - then this is where you apply a thin layer of Aftercare with clean hands - a little goes along way. You don't want it shiny or it wont breathe.
    You don't 
    need to cover it now - Let your tattoo breathe.  
    Apply the aftercare cream 2-3 x a day to keep it supple but not moist. 
    Continue to apply until your tattoo has healed - you will go through a peeling and itchy stage.
    Don't scratch or you risk pulling the ink out of your new tattoo. 


  • We recommended to leave the second skin on for 24 hours. Then remove in warm water and wash your new ink. Wash with a clean disposable cloth - baby wipes are good using either hand soap, body wash or in the shower with a clean hand/wipe.
    Once clean allow to airdry for 10-15 mins or using clean paper towels dab your new ink dry. 
    If you were given a new piece of second skin apply this now. DO NOT
     put aftercare balm on or your secondskin wont stick.  
    Leave this on now for 4-6 days - remove if it begins to peel or it is compromised with a hole or rip. 
    On day 4-6 Remove, clean and dry again as above then start using your aftercare balm 2-3x a day apply a small amount with clean hands.

If you have any questions please get in contact with us we are here to help. 

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