Our Introduction

A professional Tattoo studio with relaxed vibes. Award winning art under sterile conditions.


Materialized in 2019 as a safe place to conjure art amongst amigos, Hollows Ink is home to two resident artists joined by a stella array of guest artists along for the ride.

Located in the shallows of beautiful Mount Maunganui. 525 Maunganui road, nestled amongst  great food, excellent coffee and our stunning beaches.




We thrive on the freedom our clients give us, to visualize and then bring to life their vision, on skin.

Norton - Originally trained by Master Aidan Holland, then beginning tattooing in the Bay of Plenty in 2012 ... Well versed in Black and Grey and colour, with a compelling passion for expression, a aversion for the generic and  a mind eager to put its own spin on things.

A award winning creative anomally who spans the Realistic to the Abstract.

Daniel - He has chosen the path of this art journey after successfully finishing his Bachelor degree in creative industries. Begining tattooing in 2018 under the mentoring of Norton Hollows. "Collaborating with others is what gives me drive."

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Proudly stocking Nz's premiere Tattoo after care, After Art.

Art is an expression of self.



Awesome Collaboration tattoo by Norton with guest artist Jules Boho, on apprentice Daniel. Done over 2 1/2 days. The studio was just 2 months old then.