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Daniel Kirstein

Daniel has chosen the path of this art journey after successfully
finishing his Bachelor degree in creative industries.

Beginning tattooing in 2018 under the mentoring of Norton Hollows. 
Daniel completed his apprenticeship in December 2021

When Daniel isn't being the life of the studio/tattooing you can
find him creating new designs, riding his motor bike
or watching Uncle Rodger 
"Collaborating with others is what gives me drive."


"Throughout my life, I’ve always been attracted to art and the many styles it has to offer.

Upon being introduced to tattooing, I’ve learnt there is no limit and this pushes me to be even more creative. I’ve found that it’s the ultimate way to memorialize not only one persons experiences but their stories too.

By immersing myself in the many disciplines tattooing has to offer, I bask in a journey to truly show my potential in visual communication.

I work best with others to the point I believe that collaborating with other’s is what gives me drive.

I look forward to working with you"

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